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About Our Company is a company dedicated to helping you retain control while selling your business. It is a sad and scary fact that in most brokerage firms, only 9% of businesses that are listed actually sell. When you do the math, this equates to only one out of eleven businesses selling! If you’re trying to sell your business, these are very disturbing numbers to think about. SMB was created so that people who truly want to sell a business, or buy a business, actually have a good shot at doing so.
SMB differs from other listing services in four distinct ways.
1. We empower you, as a seller, to control your own destiny by allowing you to set your own price and to interact directly with potential buyers. We provide a great step-by-step tool to value your business.
2. We attract buyers with our paid search engines efforts
3. We offer our services at a very low rate and still put our customer’s needs first.
SMB also makes sure that you don’t get overly frustrated with selling your business. A lot of times, people will believe they want to buy a business until they actually start the process. Then, when it comes down to it, too many doubts or worries prevent them from actually following through with the purchase. SMB allows you, the seller, the option of requiring proof of funds and requesting a credit history. This will save you a huge amount of time and aggravation otherwise wasted on “window shoppers.”
At SMB, we have a clear-cut, no-nonsense approach to selling your business. Our basic philosophy is to give sellers the tools to sell their businesses while providing guidance and support. We help you see how your business will look through the eyes of potential buyers, which allows you to get a realistic idea of how well your business will sell. And unlike most other listing services, we are happy to speak with our customers so that we may provide the best service in the industry to allow you to sell a business or buy a business. Founded by Bob McNamara a very successful Business Broker, we are located in North Haven, CT and we can be reached at 888-U-List-Biz (888-854-7824) or email:  We welcome your input!